May 15, 2008

Peeps that i care much!

I missing my "friend" badly.
he now staying at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
menyesal sgtt, hari last die kt skola, xsmpt jmpe bcoz bz with Mysor208. =/
menyesal! menyesal! menyesal! I wish his mine, well, it will never happen bcoz he younger than me. only 2months younger than me. haha.
where are uuu! I missing u like rains fall heavily!!! T_T

I also miss my bestt friend since standard3, i think so. da lost contact ngn dia maa.. =/
when i was standard6, teacher ask me if i knew where she go or she moved where. then i said, i dont know bcoz dulu bknn ada handphone.
where she noww? my friends said that she died after she involved with xcident, but i dont believe it! shittt, my friend msih hidop laaa!!!
SITI AISYAH ISMAIL ! I miss u like crazy!
u always help me when someone was bullying me. I wanntttt uuu!

noww, i will missing my one and only;Nur Ain Abdullah.
she helps me lots.
i dont know how i will continue my life without her. =/
everyday, she will sms-ing or send me instant message and told me to do homeworks, bring something to school and etc. waaaaa.. cmne laa kalau die da pndh.. T_T
I always saying this in my doa "Please dont take my bestfriend from me. I'll be a good girl if she not moving". haha. its funny but sumpah! thts my daily doa. even she dont know or shes know tht i cared much about her, I will miss u every second in my life, u are my greatest friend! thnks bcoz be mine, even i always bullying u, u know that i care about u. so, remember me always wlaupn in new place. i always be with u. :')

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