Dec 16, 2009


I've just finished my last paper for SPM ! whohoooooooo~
only God knows my feeling rite now.
no more books, no more late night study(erk?haha), no more mum's shouting voice asked me to study. im totally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
hahahaha. melampau
well my last paper ends with sad face. idk mybe bcause that day was my last day wears school uniform, (prefect school uniform to be extract).

my last paper was geography.
quite easy among other papers (chemistry i hate you)
but paper1 boring gila! i mean 30ques for 1hour 15minutes? what the... ?
ramai yg keluar dewan awl.
but me? im enjoying my last paper so i waited until the times end.
i slept after i answered the ques 15minutes HAHA

ok lah. thats all i think. will update more later. byee xoxo

last but not least , im proud to be GEOPARKIANS ! < 33333


hairil said...

amboih speaking habeh ;D

echarawrr said...

hahahahaha. manada. ada kn bhsa melayu tuh. HAHAHA