Oct 18, 2010


Heyya fellas*love* fuh da lame xupdate blog rupanye.
duduk jengka bkn blog xleh update, fb pn jrg bkk
(except klau ade wifi dlm klas so bleh via iPhone:DD)
well my life here was so so, but i get used with it.
my classmates were super duper oshomm but my coursemates, err -.-
im proud to be BMD1GA family, kami hnye buat hal sndiri, relax n cool :)
hope we will stick together until last part insyaAllah.

seminggu lps raya there was faculty dinner themed "One Night in The Garden"
what can i say, the dinner was completely boring, but it was an pengalaman indeed.
but xde sorg pn senior came to our table n say "hello bdk part 1 ke?"
pftttt, they should came to our table since kami kne duduk meja blkg skali :|
nk tgk psmbhan pn kene hlg dengan perhiasan ape tah tgh2 tu.
pfttt *pissed.
enough for that.

studies matter. well alhamdulillah so far so good.
ctu was okay
bel was fine too,
management *hmm kene bace lagi
business math 50 - 50
but acc bluerghhh hope boleh catch up sblm finals

27th october till 11th november
*hope all is fine, amin

okay till then, assalamualaikum :)

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