Feb 10, 2011

life is beautiful

Hey everyone. Sorry for rarely updating my pulkadots. I don't bring my laptop in jengka so gyeah. Susahh :(

But now I'm updating my blog using my other alternative ngehngeh :D

College were fun but there are slightly problem here. Which I DON'T even had problem into it. Haha. I felt like I back to my school life again. Low minded people haihh. I don't mess with people so don't mess with me. Jangan syok sendiri la in case YOU don't understand what I mean :D

Sekarang da rapat dengan majority classmate which I really glad enough. Last sem I only stick with one or two friends only :/ buuuuut they're suuuper naiiiceeee :DD

Well I take that as something I lost but in the end I got something more bettah. :) to those that 'terasa' come on I don't do anything wrong so no need to masam muka,marah2,perli2 or whatsoeverrr. But lemme say something. "What goes around,comes around" I hardly understand this quote meaning before but now what I can say is for SINGLE thing you do, there will hd rewards/punishments. I do get my rewards so do punishments. In life, there will always have the payback time. So..let sit and hibernate ourself. Okay? Cheers :)

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