Mar 17, 2011


Hello everyone *sigh*

I just finished my BEL listening and speaking test. Listening went pretty well I think but I spoiled my speaking test :'( I wanna cry!!! Hwaaaaa

I came late to lecturer's room due to my injured ankle so I can't walk fast. But I do run, even my ankle hurts :(

Arrived at 2.53pm and the other candidates are reading the questions already. Then I sit and start read the questions. Suddenly my brain becomes blur. I can't think. too tired, I think ;/ as candidate A, I had to start first. I rambled,rambled and mumbled. Suddenly my lect interupt "are you understand the question or not?" *insert insect sound* aaaaa.. Salah tajuk la gile!! T.T then abis masa. The other candidates done so well until I feel wanna stab their back with knife. Hmphhh..

The second task, group discussion. All candidates was doin great and I tried my best.. At least I do :( gahhhh I'm not in the moooood!! Kthxbai

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