Jul 19, 2011

HELLO PULKADOTS! phewwwww its been a loooooooonggggg time I'm updating this blog. *huuuggggggs*
Well mid semester break comes and now I'm home :)
(hehe tapi tak cuti pun setiap minggu msti balik jugak *shy* )


Last week was my sister wedding. Cgrattts to her! Harap2 dia da bole stop main cityville and farmville dah. get on your reality life! haha. What can i say, the ceremony was superb and fun. I met and reunite with my siblings, sedara, cousins and old buddy. Solemnization was held at our own house and the wedding ceremony at Dewan Perdana Felda. A very nice place tho :) the picture will put it here SOON because err most of the gambar yang ada dekat rumah lah sebab the photographer xhabis kasik lagi. toodles everibodi :DD

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ikki said...

berhabuk da blog ni..