Dec 4, 2011

Hello everyone. Its been awhile :)

My life been through ups and down. And seems like I've been neglected my phone lately. Firstly, my blackberry tk bole dpt sms and phone call. Sekarang baru bole. Kalau dapat pon maxis yg kasik-.- Secondly, my phone bills been paid for nothing. RM50.00 of fixed phone bill charge, me only use like 20cent? Haha. Masa cuti semester my phone been barred and jatuh bawah katil. It took me 4weeks baru teringin nak ambik balik. Hahaha. So I can conclude that I choose internet more than blackberry. Hihii.

Now I'm back to university life. My last semester's gpa dropped like a lot. Sedih gila wehh. So sem ni kena naik kan balik lah. :') go echa! Hikhik.

So everyone, I'm back with my phone. So anything please contact me because I won't contact you due to internal problem. Hahaa bye! :)

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