Jun 25, 2010

From echa with love (:

Hey everyone
This is my last post before i pursue my studies at uitm.
My sadness day indeed because my family sure not staying with me at jengka.
I cant ever imagine how my life going without them :(
About preparation? 20% finished n others still berterabur :|
So this is special dedicate for all:

Ex Classmate 6B2(Business Management):
Thanks guys for all precious memories that i got :) They were so kind, cheerful, n nice :)Im surely will miss u guys so much! :( Im so glad knowing them especially Nishhh,Fyza(also will go to uitm, but different campus), her twin fiqa, Isna, Ejad, Fauzi n my lil cutie pie, Bella :( I hope they will always remember me. Wey aku balik nanty jum lepak?! :D
*about the pic, xsempat camwhore ramai2 :( only ekin, bella, me

Ex Classmate 4/5Sains Tulen 08/09
U guys also the best thing ever happen to me, seriously, no kidding :) We shared laugh, tears, fears, joy together. We are family :') To cicaa that now in KPTM Bangi, goodluckk, i miss you boo :(. Fairuz, pinah, faizal, sarah (and others ade name tertinggal so sorry)that now in matrix penang (?) goodluck n struggle hard! Matrix tu :) Ain syafawati BFF that goin to uitm kedah but same course, gudluckk! Ingt ape umi pesan tu xDDD And to others that go to poly, private college and majority at form6, gudluck all! Bubu missed u guys so much :( Hope we can together succeed eventho not in same place. Prove that our batch is the bestt! :)

Gtg, packing :|
Byeeee guysssss. pray for my best there.


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