Aug 13, 2010


Hello everyone or anyone? ;p
I hope its not too late, but ehmm Happy Fasting (:
my first year fasting at new place.
so, where i should start?

Let me present youuuu..

uitm jengka hehe (:
my fav place here, bangunan infratech
ITS PURPLEEEEEEEE!!! okay ignore the other colors ;/
cute tho hahaha xDD
im not sure but i think this one is Arjuna's.
well i think the Bidara, Cendana n so on pnya bgunan pn same.

My roomates (: fara,me,adda,yana. they are so lovable. love them forever
we all not in same courses. fara takin sportrec, adda woodtech n yana officemanagement. me teheee business general. hope we all can be best roomates ever :')

effa, my rock n awesome-ness classmate.
this pic taken at buzzac camp. see those lumpur at my tudung? ;/
the camp is the best camp ever. walaupun kene ragging T_T
but still, suke kene ragging HAHAHA *gelak takut

my familyyyy (: my first day at uitm. love them big times.

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