Nov 15, 2010


Hello :)

I've change my background! Haha quite cool tho.
thinking of changing the banner, but it was made by someone
Teheee :D


Lets talk about friends.

Lps spm i moved. so kat tempat baru i xbyk kwn. kwn2 pn sbb smpt msk form6. then klua form6 sbb dpt msk uni. tgk2 dpt uni yg sorgggg kwn pn xdpt kt situ :| and then dapat pulak uni yg jauh dari kwn2 lama. At first mmg xnak pegi. :(
it really hard to find friends, lagi2 average girl kan. yela smue org nk kwn yg cantik, hensem n hotstuff je. i still can remember i've cried on my orientation day.

But Allah maha besar, i found a really good n understanding friends here.
Wlaupn sikit tp tetap kwn kan :DD
Less is more :)
It been an honor being friend with them.
Baik, gile2, sporting n happening
this entry are for you guys (you knw who you are kan? :D )

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