Nov 12, 2010

Babyyyyyyyyy Its Overrrrrr! :DDD

12.00pm : 11/11/2010 : MGT162
Andddddddddddddddd its officially over!
No more planning, organizing, motivating BLA BLA BLA
Cant wait to be homeeeeeeee!
But now im hommie baby :)
Before that,nak share picture byk2 as lame xupdate kan
HEHE 3 story in 1 post :)

Nak share picture, so enjoyy

Our last hangout together as roomates:(

My gorgeous roomates!

Last hangout :(


Jiriiii ♥ youuu:)

*After paper MGT, waiting for my dad and abgcik
Camwhoring with Dadii, againnnn :DDD

men belunnn :D

Like thisss!

Thnks dadii for this beautiful candid. look at my hair. Rosak kot!:/

Hehe babaii blok A kompleks, gonna miss my dearie room A203 :(

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