Jan 1, 2011

Likee daaa?!

Happy new year guys!
First entry for 2011! (Y)

I went blogwalking and mojority of them said that 2010 been nice to them. Unfortunately 2010 wasn't my wonderful year yet not the worst. my 2010 was quite okay compared my 2009 year. So I hope 2011 will give me lotsa joy and fun. Hehehh.

There nothing much happen in 2010; moved from langkawi for good and my first semester as university student!

Tomorrow i'll back to jengka for 2nd semester. Pfttt. ;|

Enough for new year and school thing.


People always been jealous with other people. Like why u need to be a copycat? Or in other means, why u need to copy other words? Yeah u might say its not your word anyways, but why u need like copying ALL quotes, survey or words or whatever u called it. Are you jealous with people "awesomeness"?? At least give credits to me! MACAM AKU TAKTAHU HANG AMIK KT PAGE/BLOG AKU! To the copycat, i act nicely to you, but guess what? Im your worst nightmare. One time i'll reveal your name. Cheers ;)

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